Course Map


Moonlight Beach in the cove on the sand!

1K: ADVENTUROUS (0.6 miles)

Out and back the hard-packed sand! All the kiddos will line up at at the starting line behind the 5K/10K/15K-er’s at Moonlight Beach.  When the conch shell is blown, they’ll be on their way! They will head NORTH behind the pack of runners! The turnaround point will be marked with a giant 1K Turnaround Flag. Parents may run with their child(ren). Medals and snacks at the finish line!

5K: EPIC (3.1 miles)

Out and back course on hard-packed sand. Turnaround just north of Beacon’s Beach (one of the local hot spots). Aid station near the turnaround point with electrolytes & water. Tons of entertainment, spectators and volunteers cheering you on and, of course, the most scenic and picturesque view of the pacific ocean.

10K: CHALLENGING (6.2 miles)

This is a famous course for local recreational runners. 1st turnaround at Ponto State Beach jetty (3 miles north of Moonlight Beach) and the 2nd turnaround 100 yards south of Moonlight Beach (we gotta give you that solid 6.2 miles). Aid station at Beacon’s and Ponto with electrolytes and water. Course encouragement and entertainment. You’ll LOVE this 10K!


No other 15K like this in California. (9.3 miles) The entire 15K is on the hard-packed sand passing Beacon’s Beach, Ponto Beach, and famous Swami’s Beach. 1st turnaround at Ponto State Beach (3 miles north of Moonlight Beach), 2nd turnaround just south of Swami’s Beach (7.5 miles into the course). Aid Stations along the way with electrolytes, water and treats to keep you strong and smiling. RESTROOMS are OFF-COURSE at Moonlight Beach, Ponto Beach and Swami’s Beach. We can’t put portapotties on the sand. Make sure you go before you run!