Race Crew

Bob Nichols
Race Director

As a Southern California native and lifelong surfer and waterman, Bob calls the ocean his “second home”.  In addition to 17 years of friendship, Bob helped Mark Patterson with the layout, creation and installation of the Surfing Madonna mosaic.

In the years prior to the non-profit, Bob served in the U.S. Navy, worked as a Financial Planner and Options Strategist for UBS, and was a contract Commercial Pilot in Central America, South America and Indonesia.  Bob also represented the USA in the 2011 ITU Triathlon World Championships in the 35-40 age division finishing 213th in the world.  His passion for educating our youth on ocean conservation, marine mammal safety and rescue, protecting our local coastline and brightening the lives of children with special needs is his drive to continue to serve full time building and expanding the organization.

Megan McCarthy
Event Coordinator
Originally from Vero Beach, Florida, Megan joined the Surfing Madonna Oceans Project in July of 2013 after spending two years falling in love with the coastline of Encinitas, California.  As an avid traveler to the south pacific, Megan started taking notice of the degradation of the coral reefs and volunteered her time to help with ocean conservation efforts in Hawaii.  Professionally, she elected a life of an entrepreneur successfully owning and operating a personal training business for 5 years and a restaurant in Central America.  Additionally, she spent 3 years in Hawaii teaching endurance training to the United States Army.  She earned her BSBA from the University of Florida and currently serves full time as Treasurer, Event Planner and overall operations assistant for the organization.​
Wil Fisher 
Director of Development

Wil comes to Surfing Madonna Oceans Project with 15 years of professional non profit experience in New York City. In New York, his nonprofit work focused on producing special events, directing communication and marketing, creating fundraising strategies, and most recently, serving as the Executive Director of an LGBT Retreat Center called Easton Mountain. Born and raised in Encinitas, he moved back home this July with the intention to connect with local organizations and to work for causes that moved him. He is thrilled to have found both of those qualities in Surfing Madonna, and looks forward to engaging with the community that surrounds this incredible organization.

Kat Porter 
Assistant Event Coordinator
Kat is a recent graduate of Cal Poly San Luis Obispo where she studied Recreation, Parks, and Tourism Administration with a focus in Sport and Event Management.  Brand new to Encinitas, she is excited to get involved with two of the biggest running events in the community and looks forward to helping expand the projects and events put on by Surfing Madonna.